Copywriting Course – Nottingham

copywriting course Nottingham
Earn more money and become a better writer when you sign up to Great Copywriting

Great Copywriting Course – Nottingham

Marketing yourself or your business starts with the words you use. Are you really speaking directly to your customers? Do potential clients understand the reasons why they should contact you? And does your website and marketing properly represent what you stand for?

This course is a great investment in your earning potential. Whether you are a business owner or employee, being able to write engaging content is a terrific skill to have. Whether you want someone to buy your product, donate to your charity or even read your book, copywriting helps you to focus on your reader and to make them do whatever it is that you want.

Increase your income and develop your writing skills

Good copywriters can earn big money. You may decide to become a copywriter for a living. You might want to supplement your income. Or, imagine how your employment prospects will grow if you can demonstrate you have these key skills.

If you apply these techniques to your own website or marketing you’ll get big results. You’ll really engage with your customers, sell more and earn more.

Making you a better writer

Copywriting is used every day in all walks of life. Learning the right skills can generate or supplement your income and make you a better writer. Salman Rushdie, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Fay Weldon and Joseph Heller all started their career as copywriters.

My one-day Great Copywriting course in Nottingham is designed to help you to learn the basic skills you need to be an effective copywriter. You’ll learn:

What makes good copy
How to write persuasive, engaging sales copy
How to write copy your readers want to read
How to make your customers do what you want them to do
The importance of benefits
How to write attention-grabbing headlines
The psychology of online and offline writing

become a better writer
Improve your writing by signing up for my copywriting course in Nottingham

Learn from a copywriter with years of teaching experience

I’ve been writing copy since 2004 and have run my own copywriting agency for seven years. Over the years I have written millions of words for hundreds of UK and international clients. I have experience in writing websites, brochures, sales letters, emails, press releases, books, and video scripts.

As well as being an experienced copywriter, I also teach one of the UK’s only University based Professional Writing courses. My Professional and Commercial Writing course is a compulsory module for second year University of Nottingham students. I also teach a degree level Writing for the Web course.

Save money – Book now to secure an ‘early bird’ place

The next one-day Great Copywriting course will be in Nottingham in September 2016. You’ll benefit from a full day’s tuition in a small group, learning valuable skills and techniques. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

The cost is just £195 – but if you book an ‘early bird’ place before 31 July you’ll save £25. To find out more and to book your place on the September 2016 Great Copywriting course, call me on (07949) 504570. Or, e-mail me now at or get in touch via the Contact Me page.