How a copywriter can help you

My job as a copywriter is to help you improve your sales message, website content or marketing literature in order to make your business more successful. E-mail me today, call me on (07949) 504570 or ask yourself these questions:

Is your marketing or website attracting the right type of customer and the expected level of sales? If not, I can help rewrite it to make it more compelling and more powerful. See my work for Sandicliffe and Aerials Direct for an example of how well written text, product reviews and articles help to make your brand a market leader.

Is the content of your website lacking that certain something? If so, I can help write well-researched, search engine friendly articles to help drive traffic to your site and to help reinforce your position as an expert or leader in your field. Check out my work for Tax Fix and my finance pieces for What House? to see how well written content can help generate web traffic and additional clients.

Do you need better or updated content for your website? If so, as a copywriter I can write sales-oriented, keyword friendly copy to help you market your business online. My work for Capital Caterers, Buyability and McAfee are great examples.

Is your marketing working? Are your sales letters and brochures generating the expected level of customers for your business? If not, I can help rewrite them to improve the sales message. My work for Money Smart World involved producing new sales letters whilst I rewrote much of the marketing material for Let’s Move.

Do you need someone with specialist knowledge in order to provide regular, quality content? If so, I can help you. I have fifteen years’ experience working in the financial services industry and so can provide interesting, engaging pieces on consumer finance. My work for I’m Insured, Shepherds Friendly, and Compare and Save highlight my expertise in this area. My specialist areas of knowledge are sport, property, finance and music and you can find out more by clicking the appropriate link.

Find out more now. Email or call (07949) 504570.