101 Forgotten Pop Hits of the 1980s

“Can’t put it down” – Alexander Armstrong

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The 1980s was a memorable decade for music. Many of the biggest hits from the era are now regarded as modern standards, played at weddings, parties and on radio stations the world over.

Whilst the decade threw up some of the most iconic artists and well-recognised songs in music history, it also produced hundreds of hidden gems; songs which were big hits at the time but have not enjoyed the same level of radio airplay and exposure over the last quarter of a century.

101 Forgotten Pop Hits of the 1980s aims to remedy this and to jog the nation’s memory about all those fantastic pop records of the decade that have been criminally sidelined through the passing of time. With twelve number One singles and over eighty further top Ten hits included, this book champions those silver and gold selling records, none of which are obscure and all of which deserve their place in the 1980’s Pop Hall of Fame.

From sharing cigarettes with Johnny Hates Jazz in the car park of the NEC to appearing on the same bill as Tony Hadley, I spent two years meeting and interviewing the artists, performers, musicians, writers and producers that shaped the pop landscape of the decade. 101 Forgotten Pop Hits of the 1980s is the definitive guide to the great music that inspired a generation. To arrange interviews, book signings or for more information e-mail me at 101@nickparkhouse.com or get in touch via the Contact Me page.