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BundesligaEuropean football has never been more popular. Highlights and live matches from many of the top European leagues are now shown on satellite television in the UK and abroad. So, if you need a high quality European football writer, give me a call on (07949) 504570.

La LigaCoverage, exposure and betting interest on the German, Italian and Spanish leagues has never been greater whilst there is a growing fan base for football from the Netherlands, Belgium and France.






I am an expert on European football and can provide knowledgeable and detailed analysis, previews, betting tips, season reviews and weekly content.


Ligue 1
Do you need betting tips and advice on the major European matches? Do you need a weekly preview of the upcoming games in the Dutch, German, Spanish, French or Italian leagues? Do you need a monthly update of all the major European football news?



I haJupiler Leagueve travelled extensively around Europe to watch football in venues as diverse as den Bosch and Berlin. I am a particular expert on the Dutch league and have watched football in locations as varied as Eindhoven, Nijmegen, s’Hertogenbosch, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Arnhem and Rotterdam. I also closely follow the Bundesliga and La Liga.

If you need a European football writer, e-mail me now at to find out how I can help you. Or, call me now on (07949) 504570.